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This is my list! A little known cover off the underrated Filth Pig record.

99 Ring Of Fire

Too bad it was the theme song for a shit tv show. A dark gothic take on the soul track by Tyrone Davis.

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From the amazing Gentlemen album. Great bottom heavy riff at the outro. A good New Order cover from a short-lived band. A barn-burning rendition of the Jesus and Mary Chain college rock staple. This concert staple from this quirky band who sadly broke up is just badass. Too bad it was never included on an album. This band has done a bunch of great covers, but their versions of Cocteau Twins and Sade respectively , are true gems.

Check out my review of their new album. Speaking of Iggy, Siouxie and co. He starts like a crooner, continues with the kind of sinister voice John Wayne Gacy might have used to lure victims into the basement, and climaxes by proving that he can really, really sing. It's possible this song invented System Of A Down all by itself.

The List of VH1s 100 Greatest Songs of the '90s

Getting into Voivod is like staring at a Magic Eye puzzle; defocus properly and a whole new dimension comes into being. Bringing in s sci-fi sound effects and lusher textures to orbit around their off-kilter axis, Jack Luminous 's slower pace allowed an easier entry point into their spectacular compound-eye vision of thrash dystopia.

Top 50 Cover Songs

In an album where every track is a delicious celebration of dirge, Honey Bucket is in irresistible highlight. Known to most people thanks to its inclusion in the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, Twist The Knife came at a time when Napalm Death were once again evolving and changing into a new form. An entirely different line-up and approach it may be from the 'classic' Scum -era material, but this is still a typically teeth rattling seconds of Napalm.

Taken from the band's sophomore album, Thus Spake The Nightspirit is a prime example of how Ihsahn and co. Now things just got serious … and therefore I accept any criticism for having this track so high in the countdown. The label only released six albums before shutting down, however set the stage for other groundbreaking artist-run labels like Strata-East and Black Jazz. Dom Um Romao was a Brazilian jazz drummer, percussionist and composer who released a number of brilliant recordings during the mid-seventies. Words of wisdom … never pass on a Dom Um Romao record.

100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time: Critics' Picks

Even though the label was only around for six years, it produced some of the most sought after and collectable jazz records of the seventies. Doug Carn is featured here with his at the time wife Jean, who collaborated together on many of his Black Jazz recordings. Based out of New York, Lafayette Afro Rock Band released a couple of incredible albums during the early seventies that combined jazz, funk, and rock with African and Latin rhythms.

The group would eventually rename themselves Ice, releasing a number of great follow-up funk recordings. The legendary jazz-funk group were formed by Donald Byrd in , and released a number of classic recordings throughout the seventies. Many people make the argument that they are the greatest jazz-funk band of all-time and you certainly would have a hard time arguing against it. Both albums have since been reissued by Soul Jazz Records. Known more in the jazz world for his classic hard-bop recordings with Blue Note Records, the legendary tenor saxophonist shifted to a more experimental electric sound when he signed with Milestone Records.

Definitely a personal favorite. Composer, vibraphonist, and vocalist Roy Ayers is one of the greatest jazz-funk musicians of our time.


Probably the funkiest recording from Czech jazz bassist, who was also one of the co-founders of Weather Report and contributor in the Roy Ayers Quartet. An incredible groove-heavy gem from Serbian composer and pianist Bora Rokovic. Recorded in a trio setting and released on MPS Records, the track features a deep funk bass line from German bassist Peter Trunk that lays the foundation for the piece.

Included on the album Ultra Native , the hard-to-find album usually goes for a few hundred dollars these days. An all-time classic that sounds as if it was recorded during an outer space mission to the moon.

Best Cover Songs: 25 Definitive Cover Versions You Need To Hear

David Axelrod was one of the greatest composers and producers of our time, working with hundreds of artists since the late s including most notably Cannonball Adderley, Lou Rawls, Hampton Hawes, Funk, Inc. His music and productions have been sample by numerous hip-hop artists including Tribe Called Quest, Organized Konfusion, Diamond D, and The Beatnuts to name just a few. Certainly one of his greatest recordings, and for someone that is so accomplished … that is saying something.

Another staple of the UK jazz-funk scene of the late seventies and early eighties, Hi-Tension released one self-titled album in followed by a few UK chart-topping singles. A soulful space-aged orbital funk jam from legendary organist Charles Earland featuring a mind-blowing cast of musicians including Eddie Henderson trumpet , Joe Henderson tenor saxophone , Harvey Mason drums , Larry Killian percussion with Rudy Copeland on vocals.

Another jazz-funk gem from Panamanian-born saxophonist Carlos Garnett. The song features some soaring and soulful vocals by Cheryl Alexander with spiritual lyrics questioning our purpose both on Earth and the afterlife.

VH1's Greatest Songs of the '90s | Spinditty

An underground jazz-funk dance floor favorite. One of two tracks featured on this list from the B3 organ wizard now know as Dr. Lonnie Smith, this heavy-groover was recorded live at Club Harlem in Atlantic City in and later released as the title track to his album on Blue Note Records. During the high point of the Acid Jazz era in the UK, DJs were known to pitch this track way up to make it even more appropriate for the dancefloor.

Featured on the Trouble Man soundtrack, Gaye holds it down on Moog keyboard on this track.