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  5. Report a problem. The 19 year-old real names Kivumbi King describes himself as a rapper, poet, and spoken word artist. That question is understandable. It was only recently, in April this year that Lion King first graced a Rwandan stage. Before that, he had only managed to perform for fellow students at school Exodus College in Uganda. But just for the love of poetry I was like I have to see this.

    I walked to him MC and asked if performing was free of charge and he told me yes.

    Write Lion Poetry: Issue 48

    That was my first performance at Spoken Word and people liked it. I told him yes, and so I went.

    We did the workshop and at the end of it we performed. Everybody liked me and told me I was a good poet.

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    Little Lion Face

    I sent her my poem via email and she told me I had been selected among participants. Indeed, the crowd was screaming in unison every time he paused in between performances. When he left the stage after his performance the cheers and screams went on for over two minutes. They usually judge people based on their appearances.

    Poetry: If a Lion Could Speak, We Couldn’t Understand Him by Margaret Ray

    You just have to have a certain mentality in you. Good poets emphasize the writing part of their poems and they are usually short but very meaningful. They can have twelve lines but with so much meaning as you can get in a whole book. Then you have Spoken word poetry and it gets even more exciting; you can do poetry, rap music, you can sing.

    The more quiet I am, the more focused I become, and the more words and more purpose for the pen. I just loved their flow. I started writing poetry in primary six. I think I have as many poems as it would take me to make my own show. I could perform my pieces for forty five minutes.

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    Recently he also ventured into script writing for film, and is enrolling for filmmaking classes soon. A spoken word piece which does not rhyme to me is not interesting.

    Between the Lions Episode 37 Poetry Day

    Rhyme just gives it that sweetness and people will continuously listen. You have to feel what you say. Spoken word artists should understand their audiences. In secondary school I decided to be static by doing it in one school. He studied Kindergarten and primary school in Rwanda before his family moved to Burundi where I repeated P1.

    Coming back to Rwanda, he attended different schools for P2, P3 and P4.