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The findings are reported in Science. Over time, the rats became stealthier, working out that opaque boxes make the best hiding places and checking spots where their two-legged rival had hidden before when seeking.

Hide And Seek - Super Simple Songs

When learning to play the game, the rats were rewarded for success through tickles , strokes, and a bit of rough-and-tumble play. As well as playing for these interactions, the rats were motivated by the fun of the game. Like excitable children, they wanted to keep playing again and again.

While the fact that delighted rats have been scurrying around playing hide-and-seek for weeks is definitely the news we all need right now, you might be wondering why busy scientists thought it was a good use of their time. They assessed which neurons were firing at different points in the game, for example, a third sent out signals when the rat learned whether it would be hider or seeker.

While research like this can tell us more about learning in the mammalian brain, it can also help us better understand the importance of play. Future studies could look into the effects that not being allowed playtime might have on the brain, revealing how children and teenagers denied the opportunity to have fun and play with others might be affected.


Little Hide and Seek Animals

But it was still very surprising to us to see how well they did. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. This along with so many other simple classroom ideas was first shared on my Instagram account , click the link to pop over there for more inspiration and activities.

Gather your materials. Invite little fingers to come and find the animals.

Little Hide and Seek Words | DK UK

I set this up for my little friend who is just three. The digging, the peeling off the play dough, and then manipulating the little animals are the perfect way to get little fingers doing fine motor work and working on language too. More often than not a conversation will start and then this is so much more than just a fine motor activity.

For more fine motor activities check out this post and more play dough fun click here! Looking for a whole unit all planned out for you?

Check out my thematic units. There are 16 themes to choose from and when you bundle you save!

Little Hide and Seek Animals (Picture Book)

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