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He left Hebblethwaite Hall, Sarthwaite, and various houses and iron furnaces near Lancaster to his grandson Robert Foster. Rogers, eds The Papers of Henry Laurens.

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James Birket was given The Wood by his father, in She died in , and he married, secondly, Elizabeth Hinde , at Lancaster meeting house, on the 15 th September In he was described as a yeoman. In he was a part owner in the Betty gally, which was lost on its first voyage, "by the carelessness and negligence of the master, to the total loss of the owners.

In June he witnessed his daughter Margaret's wedding at Height meeting house. In he was also described as a yeoman, of Wood, Cartmel. The autobiographer William Stout, of Lancaster, tells a sorry tale of Birket's mismanagement of his and his wife's affairs:. But her husband James Birket being then possesed of a very good estate, both reale and personal, to the value of one hundred pounds a year, and supposed to be improving, and very capable to manage this concern, we thought our trust was needles[s].

And with the consent of his said wife, we assigned over the trust to him, and tooke yearly for some years a declaration in writing under his wife's hand, of her satisfaction of her husband's management of this concern.


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And it continued so for above twenty years, but, in this time, the said James Birket undertook merchandizing and other projects he did not understand, and engaged in partnership with men of declining circumstances and expensive company, so as to waste his estate and what he had in trust for his wife, and became bankrupt [. And in makeing up the bankruptcie, there was no more than five shillings in the pound for the creditors.

In he gave Hebblethwaite Hall to his son Myles , on his marriage. In he purchased Birket Houses, in Cartmell Fell. In , with four others, he was "prosecuted in the Exchequer for Tithes, at the suit of Thomas Preston, of Holcar, Esq; and by a false Return of Non est Inventus though they were so far from absconding, that they offered themselves to the Bayliffs a Sequestration was obtained against them, by which their Cattle and Goods were carried away to the Value of 82 l. In he was a witness as his son's wedding. He made his will in , leaving his gavelock and iron mell to his grandson Myles.

Michael Gandy. He was admitted tenant of lands in the manor of Cartmell Fell, Lancashire, on the death of his father, 8 Nov 39 Eliz. John Birkhead was the son of James Birkheade. In Adam inherited Graythwaite and Cunsey from his father. He obtained letters patent for a weekly market on every Monday at Hawkshead, and two fairs in the year to be held on the feast of St Matthias, and the day after.

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He was buried at Hawkshead on the 2 nd June His will was proved in July. About he inherited from his father Graythwaite, half of Cunsey Mill, and half of the close of Stock Brandish, as well as jointly with his brother the lease of Hawkshead church. After he surrendered the lease of the three smithies. He removed to Graythwaite in around , as appears by an agreement with Thomas Sandys of Graythwaite.

He was recorded as bailiff at Graythwaite in and He married, secondly, Elinor Curwen? They had one child , David? In Christopher Sandys and his brother Edwin, then archbishop, probably rebuilt Graythwaite Hall at the same time that the archbishop built the north aisle of the church at Hawkshead. He made his will in December He died the year after, being buried at Hawkshead on the 15 th April His will was proved in July The main bequests were: to his son Adam , Graythwaite and Cunsey, his widow Elinor having her widowright; to Adam his lease of Hawkshead Church; to his son David his lease of Lawson Park; to his son Christopher his messuage, etc.

William Sandys married Margaret Dixon. He was buried beneath a monument to himself and his wife in the Sandys chapel in Hawkshead church. His effigy shows him in a full suit of armour with a lion at his feet, with both hands pressed together as if in prayer.

Around the effigy is an inscription, which translated describes him as ". Happy were they in their home, in the equal lot of their wedlock; Blest in their wealth and their faith; blest in their sires and their sons; Great were the pledges of favour divine they received in abundance. Their children were: William? Their children were: Oliver? John del Sandes of Furness was the defendant in a suit at Lancaster in , and had a pardon in Contemporary records show that on 29 August , at Lancaster, "Robert the Parkere of Manchestre puts himself against John of the Sandes of Fourneys on a plea that he render to him 4l 6s which he owes, etc.

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John of the Sandes has not appeared or been found, and according to the law and custom of England he is outlawed. John finds sureties Robert of the Sandes, Gilbert of Burgh, and two others. Their children were: William , and Margaret. John del Sandes was the son of Robert del Sandes. Margaret Rawson married William Sandes. Margaret Rawson was daughter and heir to William Rawson. Margaret Curwen married George Sandes. Margaret Dixon married William Sandys.

She was buried beneath a monument in the Sandys chapel in Hawkshead church. Her effigy shows her in a long gown and flowing head-dress, her feet resting on a lap dog, with hands pressed together as if in prayer. The surrounding inscription translated describes as ".

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She a Pattern to all, holy and saintly in life. Anne Roos married John Dixon. Thomas Roos had property at Witherslade and Dent. He married Anne Thornborough. Sandys History of the Family of Sandys. She was daughter to Rowland Thornborough. He married Isabel Laybourne. Their children were: Margaret , Thomas c. Thomas Carus married Margaret Wilson.

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Their children were: William , Robert, and Christopher. Their children were: Thomas , and Katharine. Richard Carus was the son of Richard Carus. Richard Carus was born about He held divers lands in Asthwaite and other places in the time of Henry V. Margaret Wilson married Thomas Carus. Margaret Wilson was the daughter of William Wilson. Isabella Laybourne married William Carus. James de Leybourn married Katherine Bellingham.

Their children were: Thomas? Their children were: James and Mary. He paid tithes in and , and was on inquisitions post mortem in and In an indenture was made between him and John de Washington.

(xiii) Earning a living 1377-1911: work, occupations, gender and economic development in England

Their only known child was Nicholas de Leybourn. Thomas de Leybourn married Johanna of Cunswick. Their only known child was John.